Wednesday, October 3, 2012

ANTHRAX 9/19/2012

Opening act, but I was stuck in a long line outside trying to get inside after the show had a late start. Unfortunately I missed the bulk of their show.

These guys still got it! The energy on stage was absolutely nuts! 
Not to mention the energy in the crowd!
Great show!


Epic show! Absofreakingloutly EPIC! 
I was so excited to shoot a band from so far back in my past.
It was so worth it, I hope that I get to shoot them again. 
They preformed for the crowd and played for the cameras.

The Debut of The Zombie Killer Guitar
made by,  Stephen McSwain.
This is one hell of a guitar. It's my understanding that it was even buried for a period of time before it was unearthed to preform on stage.

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