Sunday, April 22, 2012

Social Distortion 4/13/2012

Social Distortion ! What a great show! 
As always it was great to see them, but it was a real treat to shoot this show.
I am so glad to have marked them off my "must shoot bucket list".
However, any chance I get , I will shoot their show again!


Though I could remember the name. I couldn't remember the music.
Although, once they hit the stage, I remembered the sound.
Toadies brought it all back even though it's been a while.

Opening Act

Lindi Ortega
To quote a friend, Lindi Ortega is a little bit Dolly & a little bit Johnny.

Friday, April 20, 2012

Group Love & Young The Giant - Moore Theater- 4/7/2012

                                                                  Group Love


Tuesday, April 17, 2012

Of Monsters and Men

I recently had an opportunity  to see  "Of  Monsters  and  Men"
preform  a  live  intimate  set  for  about  60  people  at  The  Gibson   Showroom  in  Seattle.  Before  that  I  had  only  heard  one  of  their  songs  (little  talks)  I  really  liked  it  so  I  was  very  much  looking  forward  to  this  show.

After  hearing  a  few  more  songs  they  had  up  their  sleeves,  I  fell  in  love  with  this  band.  They  have  a  fantastic  energy  about  them.  Oh  and  they  were  fun  to  take  photo's  of.!  I  owe  a  special  thanks  to  KNDD  Seattle  for  allowing  me  into  the  event.

I  wish  I  could  have  seen  them  play  their  full  set  at  the Showbox  later  that  night.  I  imagine  that  they  bring  a  larger  than  life  show  to  the  big  stage.

If  you  get  a  chance  to  see  them  live,  do  it!  Or  at  least  get  their  new  album.  Titled:  My  Head  is  an  Animal.
Now  available  on  iTunes.

Keep  a look  out  for  Icelandic  Natives
"Of  Monsters  and   Men"
I  think  the  USA  is  gonna  be  hearing  a  lot  more  from  them. In  fact  if  your  lucky  enough  to  have  purchased  tickets  to  the  SOLD  OUT  2012  Sasquatch Music  Festival,  you  will  have  a  chance  to  see  them 
Friday,  May  25th  6:05 pm  -  6:50 pm  on  the  Sasquatch stage.

For  the  full  Sasquatch  line  up  go  here-